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Creamy mushroom and spinach pasta by Follow us for Daily vegan recipes What…

Creamy mushroom and spinach pasta 💛 by theplantifulchef

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What you need;
160-200g gf pasta depending how hungry you are (serves 2)

150g mushrooms (i used baby chestnuts any will do)

2 garlic cloves
1 shallot or small white onion
1-2tsp nutritional yeast
1/2cup dairy free cream
1/2cup veggie stock
2 large handfuls of spinach
First off get everything prepared, garlic, onion and mushrooms chopped ready you can replace this with garlic and onion powder if your really short on time. Get your pasta on to boil and have a pan heating for the sauce with a little spray of oil (optional). Fry off onion, garlic and mushrooms for 5 minutes over medium heat. I reserved some of the fried mushrooms for sprinkling on top (optional) At the 5 minute mark add in cream, stock and nutritional yeast. Bubble until it thickens, reduce heat. Once pasta is ready add into sauce and coat, add in spinach and stir in the sauce until it wilts. Its now ready to serve and enjoy. .

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