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Vegan Chinese Chive Pockets (or box) ‘韭菜盒子 Credit Jiǔ cài hé zi’ is a great ac…

Vegan Chinese Chive Pockets (or box)😋 ‘韭菜盒子
Credit woon.heng
Jiǔ cài hé zi’ is a great activity for a weekend cookout. These delicious pockets are light, flavorful, and no yeast needed. They are perfect for a quick snack or served as a meal by itself🤩. Chinese chive or Jiu Cai ‘韭菜’ has a flatter, larger leaf compared to a regular chive. They come in either green or yellow, though the latter has a more mellow taste. Tag some friends and make some today!🥰⁣

How to find the recipe with pictures and instructions:⁣
– Easy 1-click link☝🏼⁣
– Google ‘Woonheng chive pocket’⁣
– Watch my YouTube channel🎥 for the whole proces⁣s

– The dough is very soft but once they are cooked, it’s really light. ⁣
– Use low heat to cook these pockets⁣
– Some readers baked them and turned out amazing⁣


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